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1970'S TO NOW....WOW!

Last week we started the tour of the design teams latest project.
From drab to fab, this apartment has been brought right back into the new Millenium giving it a comfortable, elegant and engaging feel whilst refraining from the usual boat oars and bowls filled with shells that seem to be the standard trend look that we are just sooooo over.
Not only was our client very happy with the completed look, but her gain also came with a successful rental of the first executive enquiries snapped it up.  So, she can be safe in the knowledge that her investment will be paying dividends right into the future as well as attracting the right clientele for this property.

 With uninterrupted ocean views and a prime location, it was important to get everything just right for our client

If you recall, last week we brought to you the changes made in the dining area.  This week we have some 'Before' and 'After' shots of the kitchen and outdoor area.

'Before' of the kitchen.  The entire area was gutted and replaced with quality cabinetry, storage, appliances and even the kitchen sink!  A complete kitchen pack was supplied including all crockery and cutlery etc..

Aaaahhhh....and the 'After'...the completed look.

Quality finishes throughout. And not a bad view while doing the dishes either.

We only use tradesmen with a track record of excellence in their craft.

The kitchen just had to go as it really needed a full update, so the area was gutted and completely re-done.  This included all appliances, kitchen packs, cutlery, crockery loose ends.

We pride ourselves on our quality finishes.  

Carpets were pulled up throughout the entire premises, and we like to finish a job properly, so to continue the lovely feel of the inside tiles the outside was also revamped.  All the old terracotta tiles were removed and replaced with more appropriate tones.

'Before' the back verandah area looked dated and old with the terracotta tiles needing to be replaced and a continuity from inside to outside needed to be established.

'After' Fresh and a compliment to the view.  

Being outside now on the back verandah is now a pleasure.

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We look forward to bringing you more before and after shots of this project next week!



Your author has a very personal Prostate Cancer story...and I'm a woman!  But, would you believe that all my Uncles, my Father and my Brother (diagnosed at age 40!) have all been diagnosed with prostate cancer. In fact, we think its what eventually my Grandy died of years ago before the awareness of this particular cancer came to the forefront.  

The good news is that all my family members are cancer free!  My brother who was diagnosed at a young age and the most recent to undergo treatment is now well on the way to recovery.  Thanks to the awareness of this cancer which affects 1 in 9 men the funds raised so far have really helped in developing new treatments.  My Dad had radiation and my brother had a robotics treatment which essentially leaves the nerve endings of the prostate intact so he still has his normal bodily functions.
This year we have a team called the Mobros of 85 which consists of my husband Pete the Greek....our mate Craig from the advertising campaigns we have done and our other mate Scott. The boys have put together this team and its purpose is to raise funds for Prostate Cancer research and awareness.  Part of the campaign is also for the boys to grow a moustache.  So far we have a Dali, a Freddy and a Fu Manchu being the styles tossed around, although time may be the limiter, we shall see.

If you would like to donate just click on the link.  Its really easy to donate, and secure via credit card or paypal.  All monies go straight into the campaign and even better....donations $2 and over are Tax Deductible.  We have put out the challenge for businesses to beat our $105 donation.  All businesses who donate will be promoted on the Style In The City blog and also our facebook page.
Thank you for your consideration and in advance for your generosity no matter how big or small it really does all count!


WE LOVE.....

The elegant Mariano Collection by Arte
(and the dress isn't too shabby either...)

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I am a self confessed Tuna Patties lover!  I love my Tuna Patties with Sweet Chilli Sauce.
They're so delicious and easy to make too, not to mention very healthy unless you drown them in oil when you're cooking them.  In this recipe you just use a few tbsp of oil per batch, so try use a quality oil.  We like to use Bon Haye Olive Oil.  So its not necessary to give your patties an oil bath and keep things healthy.
I also throw in loads of fresh herbs when I'm cooking mine, but this isnt to everyones taste.  My suggestions if you do wish to add herbs to your liking is dill (its a must!), parsley (one of the few dishes I will use it in as it truly compliments the flavours) and basil finely chopped.
I also like to add a bit of chicken stock as this really boosts the flavours....just a couple of suggestions that will really make this the Most Delicious Tuna Patties Recipe ever!


What you need....

2 x 425g cans tuna either in oil or water packed is fine
300g low fat ricotta
6 green shallots chopped finely
Juice and grated zest of lemon
1 tbsp chopped fresh dill (or add more as above...same with chicken stock)
1 egg beaten

What to do....

1. Make the patties by flaking tuna into bowl with fork.  Using wooden spoon, beat in ricotta, green onion, lemon zest, dill, egg and some salt and pepper.  Set aside 2 tsp lemon juice and beat rest of juice into tuna mixture.  Shape into 12 small patties.  Cover and refrigerate patties until required (give it an hour or two as the patties will hold their shape a lot better if you use this method)
2. Heath 3 tbsp oil in frying pan.  Working in 2 batches so as not to overcrowd the pan, fry patties over medium heat for 4 to 5 minutes each side until browned and cooked through.
Serve with a simple green salad and dont forget to serve them up with Sweet Chilli Sauce!




Ok, we are out of here...its been a super action packed week and so we are slipping away for a cocktail or two as our way of saying..."Well done you"...its so much better than giving ourselves a pat on the back and looks a lot sexier too....

If you love Pineapple and simple cocktail recipes then this is the one for you.  Pineapple you say??..but its just so acidic...ok, I am hearing you but believe me with the combo of Midori and the Pineapple is just smoooooth and flavoursome, so no fish mouths whilst sipping this gem.
Enjoy!..and be sure to pop those feet up...let the cool breeze wash over you and with it all the stresses of the week...this is your!



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Cocktail Pictures - Pictures

What you need....
30mls Midori
30mls Coconut Rum
90mls Pineapple Juice

What to do...
Pop all the ingredients along with some ice into a cocktail shaker...



Wishing you all a very relaxing and enjoyable weekend.  Be sure to pop into the showroom because we have just had the biggest delivery of new stock!...Cath will be in her element styling up the showroom, so be sure to say hi!

Next week we will have all the goss on our new products and much more.

Until then!

The Charcoal Team

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